This is The Promise Justice, Section A Welsh Stallion. Justice is calm, easy to handle and regal like a stallion should be. He answers to his name and is very level headed, yet spirited. Justice is the proud sire of two of the only black-based silver dapple registered section A Welsh Ponies in North America. You can find “Scarborough Silver Lining” owned by Beth Weiland and Scarborough Farms. He and Liberty surprised us again with another black silver dapple, Silverlight Saint. You can see a picture of him below.

This is The Promise Liberty Belle. She is a section A Welsh. What a blessing she is! My daughter trained her to be ridden when my daughter was 10, or 11 years old. She was my daughter’s first pony!

Liberty carries the silver gene.

Her newest colt, born in March 2011, is one of the only black Silver Dapple Section A Welsh colts in America. His name is Silverlight Saint. Email me for more information.

This is Silverlight Saint. This is a photo of him a short time after he was born (March 5th 2010) and he is such a pretty little guy! He is going to be the rarest color in the Welsh breed, black silver dapple, when he sheds out next year. You can see a picture of his full sister, Scarborough Silver Lining, below.
He is offered for sale.

This is Silver-light’s full sister, Scarborough Silver Lining. You can see the resemblance in their coloring. The first year silver dapples are often much lighter than they will turn their second year.

Twilight is a Welsh/Haflinger cross sport pony. This pony is true to the characteristic sought after by this combination. She is curious, athletic, interested in learning and is very interested in her human. She has a since of “family.” Twilight is not for sale.

Honor is Liberty and Justice’s 2nd foal shown here at 2 months. Honor has been sold, but he is a good representation of the foals that Liberty and Justice produce. Honor loves people and loves to get attention. He will make sure that you notice him and pet him. Honor does not have any bad habits, no attitude problems and is very level-headed. Honor went to an Amish family in Kentucky spring 2010.

Pilgrim is a beautiful Overo Roan Medicine-Hat paint pony sired by Justice. His dam was a Reg. Shetland. Pilgrim is proving to be very gentle and calm as all of Justice’s foals have been. He was born June 11th ’09 & has two blue eyes and should be about 11 hands high at maturity. We took him to the 4th of July parade and he did wonderful! Pilgrim has been SOLD

Buster is a great horse. I bought him as a two year old stud colt, gelded him, and trained him myself. He has never been abused in any way. I have never worn spurs with him until last year when I was teaching him to pivot on front and hind feet, and they were immediately taken off once I was done. He is very sensitive and has a very soft mouth and he moves off of leg pressure.

I compete with him in Competitive Trail locally and he places 1st and 2nd. He has never been trained to jump, but he has jumped 5 ft fences standing still, which would make him a very good jumping prospect. In the Competitive Trail Challenges he jumps onto a 3 ft tire and a set of two “stairs” that are about 2-2 1/2 ft tall (photo) . He has a very good mind and loves to have a job and he wants to please.

This horse is a great size, great age and an easy keeper. All of our horses trust his judgment and follow his lead. He also has tremendous endurance and is fresh after 4 & 5 hour trail rides. He loves going new places and loves the trailer.

He is double King bred and out of a racing mare. He is not registered. This horse is not for beginners, but is for someone who loves riding.

I really do not want to sell him, I really had planned on keeping him but we have too many horses. My loss, your gain.

Email me for more photos. He is for sale for $2500

This is Wonder. She was born 2008 and was sired by Justice. Her dam is a calm, intelligent quarter horse. Wonder is getting a good scratching in this photo and is about 1 month old. She has very little training, but has been sold to a family that plans to perhaps train her to shoot off of in the future!

This is Valentine our 2 year old colt. He was a thin, yearling in this photo, but has since filled out more. Handsome, gentle and about the most well bred quarter horse you could find. Doc Bar, Zan Parr Bar, Skip, Hancock are some of the names in his pedigree. Valentine loves us and all of our ponies are his best friends. He has never met a stranger and has always been easy to bridle and saddle. We have gotten on him bare-back with just a halter on and he loved it.

Oz Munchkin is our newest section A mare and she is due to foal this summer by Justice. She has fabulous movement and is nicknamed Dancer because of it. Beautiful dishy little head and she has filled out since this photo, but is on the petite side of section A. Email for more info about Dancer and she is offered for sale. She has had some training, is very gentle, but is not ready for kiddos.

Please contact us if you are interested in buying any of these wonderful animals. 903 662-0910